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IT Consulting
& Services

consulting & services are recognized as being some of the most effective ways of streamlining your IT and helping to make it a productive part of your business. With years of experience planning IT lifecycles, implementing projects and maintaining infrastructure for day-to-day usability, we are equipped to handle any IT needs your business has.

Our Services

Our Services

We provide end-end IT solutions for client's business needs

Cloud Solutions

ScaleIT provides the industry experts to provide cloud solutions to our clients

Managed IT Services

We are specialized in managed IT services with over 1 year of industry experience

Project Management

Project management skills have helped clients work remotely with VPN and cloud solutions.

Cloud Desktop

We provide services for desktops, notebooks and mobiles, servers and network administration,  firewalls.

Network Solutions

We provide Industry standard network solutions to clients.

Support Consulting


If you think that saving dollars through outsourcing your IT needs means sacrificing support think again and think Scale IT. The Scale IT team is thorough, responsive, customer focused and budget sensitive. In less than six months they dispelled any misgiving I held about outsourcing and they improved our bottom line!

Jason Strauss

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