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IT Services

How and why an organization chooses to perform differently from its competition defines its Strategic Plan.

This solution is essential for an organization's long-term survival and will determine its future success. With innovation at the heart of Scale IT operations, we are constantly working towards better ways to serve our customers and bring value through innovation.

Managed Recruitment Services is our way of bundling the hiring of resources into a specialized project team. This seamless process affords our clientele the ability to hire a team of staff consisting of various skilled resources ( e.g. Developers, Testers & Project Managers) for their critical project. This unique plug and play offering not only reduces the ramp up period for the onboarded consultants, but it also provides clients with a managed solution at a fixed price.

Time Saving: Single source of hiring all the team consultants resulting in less hassle for clients.

Improved Time to Market: Forming highly compatible teams of consultants from the very start resulting in improved time to market.

Fixed Price Mode: Time-sheet tracking and expense management of consultants by Scale IT so the client pays a fixed price and can manage the budget more effectively with no surprises.

Flexibility: Scale IT provides seamless augmentation of staff in a dynamic client environment.

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